The software that accelerates the development of health centers.

Description :

100% health and business support software, dedicated to dental surgeons and dental centers. This all-in-one software is designed to meet the needs of all dental center staff: managers, dentists, dental assistants and reception staff. From patient data centralization to assistance with procedure entry, Desmos ensures productivity and ongoing patient follow-up, by putting you, the user, at the heart of the software.

How does integration work?

The integration of Allison and deimos allows you to save time and increase efficiency: * Creation of patient records in Allisone directly from Desmos. This bridges the gap between your tools and avoids duplication or double manual entry of patient information. * Automatic updating of the initial schema and saving of the CR in Desmos from Allisone following validation of the diagnosis in Allisone, * Automatic transformation of the treatment plan created in Allisone into an estimate in Desmos.

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