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With a personalized and participative Artificial Intelligence, we increase the performance of the dental surgeon, we do not replace him.

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Facilitates understanding for patients

Patient understanding and education are key in adhering to the treatment plan. Allisone allows to highlight, through color codes, the elements present on the X-ray. Thus, the patient can easily visualize what is explained to him by his practitioner and understand more easily the stakes of the proposed care.

Improves trust between practitioner and patient

By highlighting the elements on the x-ray and the illustrated treatments, the practitioner is able to quickly explain and easily answer the patient's questions. Clarity significantly increases patient confidence.

Doctor David

Dentist, Paris

"Patients have a hard time seeing what's going on on an x-ray. With Allisone, everything is highlighted and I can see the difference."

Doctor Laurent

Dentist, Paris

"Allisone is a great tool for communicating with patients and the report, with its visuals, colored elements on the x-rays and educational cards, is a great way to get patients to adhere to the treatment plan."

Enables you to become more efficient

With Allisone, patient education is simplified and provides all the necessary elements for your patient to follow his treatment to the end. Directly in Allisone, you can create in a few clicks the treatment plan of your choice.

Then, you can print or send the report and the educational sheets to your patient.

Improves patient experience

According to a study, 95% of patients say they get better care with digital solutions and 2 out of 3 patients would consider switching to a digitally equipped dentist*. With Allisone, offer your patients a seamless, digitalized experience.

*According to the Digital Dentistry Difference: Global Consumer survey, CSD Nov 2019

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Designed to become your best ally in your daily life, Allisone is a software :


Allisone centralizes all of your patient data in one place.


Access your files from anywhere and from any device.


Highlight the features on the dental X-ray


Automatically generates the mandatory x-ray reports for your patients.


Link, in one click, the educational sheets to your x-ray report.


Prepare your treatment plans quickly and intuitively.


Annotate the radios as you wish.


Allisone allows you to track your patients and procedures at a glance.


The data is hosted by a certified health data host (HDS).

A multi-platform compatible tool

Integrated with your favorite tools

Interoperable with your daily tools

In order to simplify your practice, Allisone is designed to be interoperable with other business software. Thus, our teams are continuously looking to improve your experience by collaborating with your other business tools.

Allisone is integrated with Juxta to enable dental center practitioners to benefit from AI in their consultations, produce quick and qualitative reports, increase adherence to treatment plans and transform, in one click, the treatment plan into a quote.
Allisone has teamed up with Biotech Dental so that Smilers Aligners practitioners can benefit from instant analysis of their panoramic images and automatic filling of the dental diagram with the artificial intelligence ofAllisone.
Allisone integrates Spotimplant into its technology to allow each of its users to recognize, in the blink of an eye, the implants. This partnership avoids time-consuming search processes and allows quick identification of the object to be restored or replaced. 
Allisone is integrated with Veasy to allow practitioners in the office to benefit from AI in their consultations, to produce quick and qualitative reports, to increase adherence to treatment offers and to transform, in one click, the treatment plan into an estimate.

Find out how Allisone makes life easier for dentists

"We have excellent feedback from our patients who understand the items on the radio because of the color coding and variety of items presented."  

Doctor Ivan

Dentist, Montpellier

"The idea ofAllisone is great, especially for patients who finally see the elements on the x-ray!"

Doctor Cécile

Dentist, Quimper

"The app is very easy for us to use and patients can clearly see the items in their mouths!"

Doctor David

Dentist, Paris

" Allisone is an intuitive and fun tool for our patients and we leverage the educational cards a lot to explain care."

Doctor Laurent

Dentist, Lanester

Frequently asked questions

How to install Allisone ?

Allisone is a SaaS software, it does not need a specific installation. You can access Allisone by creating an account on our platform and use it from any device connected to the internet. The only requirement is to have a stable internet connection.

How does Allisone manage health data?

We have an HDS certified cloud platform to store health data, all stored in France. According to the RGPD, you can get all your data back if you decide to end your subscription.

Does the Allisone subscription include spotimplant?

Allisone includes spotimplant directly in its software, enabling users to benefit from it automatically as part of their Allisone subscription and directly in the patient consultation workflow.