Allisone Academy, AI for academic learning

Allisone simplifies and improves communication and understanding for patients.

A solution already adopted by universities!

maximizes learning capacity and increases efficiency.

Increases theoretical learning opportunities

Allisone Academy offers your students an extensive radio database organized by level of difficulty to multiply learning capacities in an asynchronous and interactive way on radio playback. Bring your students into a fun, gamified environment.

Enables an individualized and personalized learning experience.

By highlighting the elements on the x-ray and the illustrated treatments, the practitioner is able to quickly explain and easily answer the patient's questions. Clarity significantly increases patient confidence.

Prof. Soueidan


"Allisone Academy would be extremely useful in the clinic for sharing student analysis and treatment plan design with their teachers securely, quickly and asynchronously."

Prof. Reinhilde Jacobs


"The annotation and correction process is extremely effective for practicing on numerous cases. "Stéphane SimonProfessor "It's an excellent tool for preparing for the CSCT! "

Simplifies collaboration between students and teaching staff

Accessible from a computer or tablet, students and AHUs can work asynchronously from anywhere. In the clinic, offer your students a secure environment to build up their patient files, create their treatment plans and share them with their professors within a single interface.

Modernize and enhance the student experience

Whether for theoretical or clinical learning, offer your students the interactive, innovative and digital tools of the dental practice to prepare them effectively for their entry into working life!

Has your faculty not yet opted for these tools?

78% of students would like to be trained in digital tools.

Frequently asked questions

I'm a student. Can I join Allisone Academy on my own?

No, Allisone Academy is currently licensed to universities for all their students. Allisone Academy is part of a complete pedagogical program supported by teachers, both in theory and in clinical practice.

I'm a dean or a member of the teaching team. How does Allisone Academy fit in?

Allisone Academy is a SaaS software application to which all members (students or teaching staff) can log in with a username and password. To facilitate adoption, the Allisone team will provide you with an AI adoption course, all the tools you need to get to grips with the software, and round-the-clock support during business hours.

How much does Allisone Academy cost for a university?

The cost ofAllisone Academy depends on the size of your university's classes. On the whole, you should expect to pay around €5 per student per month. Please note that the license is valid for all your students, and that we cannot divide and share access from one class to another according to the months of the year.