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New technologies only benefit those who understand them, master them and adopt them. We share through our reports the trends of the future of dentistry in order to project you in the evolutions of the dental practice.

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Frequently asked questions

How to install Allisone ?

Allisone is a SaaS software, it does not need a specific installation. You can access Allisone by creating an account on our platform and use it from any device connected to the internet. The only requirement is to have a stable internet connection.

How does Allisone manage health data?

We have an HDS certified cloud platform to store health data, all stored in France. According to the RGPD, you can get all your data back if you decide to end your subscription.

Does the Allisone subscription include spotimplant?

Allisonein its beta version, costs 99€/month per license.