Restore any type of dental implant

Your assistant for dental implant restorations, based on artificial intelligence (AI).
The best of Man and AI

Intelligent & instant implant recognition

Faced with an unfamiliar implant system?

Our AI technology identifies your dental implant from a simple retroalveolar X-ray.
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Faced with a tedious search for information?

All technical information and catalogs for all models are available in our database.
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Prosthetic components nowhere to be found?

We provide all compatibility information and help you find suppliers, even those no longer on the market.
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There are thousands of different implants in the world.
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How can AI be used to identify a dental implant?

Instant & intelligent implant recognition for greater efficiency and accuracy

Spotimplant by Allisone, through its artificial intelligence algorithms, enables you to recognize any type of implant instantly. Designed by experts, Spotimplant predicts technical features, dimensions, similar implants, etc. simply by submitting a retro-alveolar radiograph.

Order compatible prosthetic parts quickly

Following recognition of the implant in place, Spotimplant by Allisone provides you with a complete report, enabling you to order all compatible parts to restore the implant submitted for recognition, in just one click.

Benefits for your practice

Delegate the research process & focus on care.
Order compatible prosthetic parts quickly.
Bring a fast & personalized solution to each of your patients.

Our awards

Medical prevention awards
ADF Talent Competition
AI & Health Competition

Spotimplant joins Allisone !

Allisone and Spotimplant have always shared the same ambition: to put technology at the service of dental practice to make care more efficient, personalized and precise. From the outset, Allisone and Spotimplant designed a partnership to enable their respective users to make the most of artificial intelligence in dental practice. In April 2023, this partnership came to fruition with an acquisition. Indeed, SpotImplant's technology provides a complementary building block that will enable you to save time in implant recognition, gain peace of mind when ordering parts, and improve your patients' experience. What's more, this integration reinforces our determination to be interoperable and connected to all systems, in order to digitalize the practice as a whole.

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Frequently asked questions

How to install Allisone ?

Allisone is a SaaS software, it does not need a specific installation. You can access Allisone by creating an account on our platform and use it from any device connected to the internet. The only requirement is to have a stable internet connection.

How does Allisone manage health data?

We have an HDS certified cloud platform to store health data, all stored in France. According to the RGPD, you can get all your data back if you decide to end your subscription.

Does the Allisone subscription include spotimplant?

Allisone includes spotimplant directly in its software, enabling users to benefit from it automatically as part of their Allisone subscription and directly in the patient consultation workflow.