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Boost dental performance to improve overall oral health and provide everyone with access to necessary care.
Over the years of practice, Dr. Lionel Elbaz realized that there was a concern, both on the practitioner's side and, even more so, on the patient's side, in the transmission of information on dental X-ray diagnosis. Allisone was born from a simple observation: dentists spend a lot of time explaining to their patients what an X-ray shows in order to make them understand the appropriate treatment.
However, patients don't always understand or, when they do understand and come back two weeks later, they have forgotten. Which makes sense: we spent 6 or 7 years studying and you can't expect a patient to understand what you tell them in 10 minutes.
To address this issue, Allisone is a software that facilitates patient communication and increases adherence to the treatment plan while improving the office experience and reducing treatment plan design time.
At the end of 2021, Allisone was installed in a dozen partnered dentists' offices in order to validate its relevance for the practitioner but also for the patients. The result is clear: 9/10 patients are very satisfied with the experience!
The product is launched in dental offices and centers. It accompanies more than 800 practitioners on a daily basis who have already used Allisone more than 20,000 times to improve their patients' understanding.
Allisone raises 10 million euros to improve oral care.
Allisone is launched on the Spanish market!
We were present at ADF 2022 to meet you and show you how Allisone helps patients understand their care needs every day. 
We met you at IDS, one of the world's leading trade shows for the dental community, providing an enduring platform for innovation and market trends.
Allisone a closed an acquisition in April 2023: that of SpotImplant, a dental implant recognition software.
Allisone Academy aims to bring an Artificial Intelligence application into dental faculties to enhance and personalize academic learning of patient follow-up from diagnosis to treatment plan through an augmented, digital, interactive and personalized educational experience.

Technology serving the dentist's expertise

At Allisone, we use Deep Learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, to create software that highlights the elements present on a dental X-ray for patient understanding. Allisone allows you to communicate to your patients, in a simple and visual way, what a dental X-ray shows.

Do you want to be part of the future of dentistry?

Every day, the Allisone teams work to bring the most innovative experience in terms of patient communication and, most importantly, to become the most used and recognized Artificial Intelligence in the dental world!

We are always looking for real talent to join us.

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