The expert in dental practice management software. Julie, the business software that coordinates and streamlines your activity.

Description :

Designed for the health care professional and the patient, it saves time in managing your practice, improves your team's working comfort, boosts your profitability and builds patient loyalty thanks to a host of features. Designed for the benefit of dental staff and patients alike, it will save you a considerable amount of time, make your practice more secure, boost overall performance and enhance the quality image of your practice.

How does integration work?

The integration of Allison and Julie allows you to save time and increase efficiency: * Creation of patient records in Allisone directly from Julie. This gateway ensures fluidity between your tools and avoids duplication or double manual entry of patient information. * Automatic updating of the initial schema and saving of the CR in Julie from Allisone following validation of the diagnosis in the patient file. Allisone

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