Spotimplant Automatic and instantaneous implant recognition using artificial intelligence.

Description :

When a patient comes to our practice with implants that we have not placed as a practitioner, it is almost impossible to identify the implant for restoration if the patient has not kept his or her implant passport. In fact, according to one study, 81% of dentists have had to identify an unknown implant placed by another practitioner. Similarly, 44% of dentists have ordered the wrong component when restoring an implant placed by a colleague, due to a lack of correct identification. (Source) This is why, thanks to artificial intelligence, SpotImplant can instantly obtain the exact implant reference from a retroalveolar X-ray, so that the necessary components can be ordered to care for the patient.

How does integration work?

Increase efficiency and accuracy with instant & intelligent implant recognition Spotimplant by Allisone, through its artificial intelligence algorithms, enables you to recognize any type of implant instantly. Designed by experts, Spotimplant predicts technical features, dimensions, similar implants, etc. simply by submitting a retroalveolar radiograph.

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