Smilers® transparent aligners from Made in France correct misaligned teeth to restore harmonious, functional alignment.

Description :

Smilers® by Biotech Dental is the only manufacturer of invisible aligners to hold the Origine France Garantie label, a guarantee of quality and proximity. Smilers® transparent aligners are manufactured in the South of France. More precisely, in their high-tech factory in Salon-de-Provence, certified ISO 13485, which proves the quality of their transparent aligners. Choosing Smilers® means choosing reliability and safety, with products manufactured using unique know-how and state-of-the-art technology.

How does integration work?

Before starting orthodontic treatment, practitioners carry out an overall assessment. If carried out on Allisone, this global assessment automatically fills out the Smiler's patient file, helping the practitioner to be more efficient. Are you a Smiler's practitioner? Get your Allisone subscription with your Smileys directly in La Galaxie de Biotech!

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