Artificial intelligence at the service of tomorrow's dentists.

Allisone simplifies and improves communication and understanding for patients.

A recognized solution in the world of dentistry

The best of Man and AI

Improves dental performance and communication with patients

Improve trust between patient and practitioner

Facilitating communication strengthens the relationship between patient and practitioner, and increases patient trust.
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Increase adherence to treatment plans

Understanding the issue is the key to getting your patients to follow through with their management.
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Gain efficiency in your daily practice

Spend more time with your patients and support them effectively in their care.
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"Allisone is an excellent tool for communicating with patients and the report, with its visuals, color elements on the x-rays and educational cards, are a great way to get patients to adhere to the treatment plan. "

Dr Laurent

Dentist, Paris

Designed by dentists, for dentists.

Over the years, I've noticed that there is a concern, both on the practitioner side and, even more so, on the patient side: we spend a lot of time explaining to our patients what an x-ray shows. They don't always understand or, when they do understand and come back two weeks later, they've forgotten. Which makes sense: we spent 6 or 7 years studying and you can't expect a patient to understand what you tell them in 10 minutes.

A product that integrates with
your daily practice


Designed to be interoperable, simply navigate between your tools.


Allows your patients to quickly understand what you are explaining to them.


Offers a digital and playful patient experience in the office, in the service of care.

Technology serving dentist's expertise

Artificial Intelligence is a set of theories and methods that allow a machine to learn to perform tasks that require human intelligence, such as image analysis.

Everything you need to know about the dentistry of the future

Allisone combines the best of Human and Artificial Intelligence to improve overall dental performance. You are entering the future of dentistry:

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